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 Out-Of-Control Sexual Behavior ("Sex Addiction")

Our culture also refers to this as "sex addiction"

Do you struggle with out-of-control sexual behavior? Do you:

  • Struggle with how often you engage in solo sex (masturbate)?

  • View sexual images at work, despite the risk of losing your job?

  • Have sexual activity outside your marriage, yet want to stay married or partnered?

  • Find yourself looking forward to sex, but hating yourself afterwards?

  • Find yourself unable to stop telling lies to cover up your sexual activities?

  • Find yourself continuing sexual behavior that risks your relationship, career, family or health?

  • Make promises to change your sexual behavior and then don’t keep your promises?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, consider consulting with a professional. Contact me via email at marc@marcgilmartin.com or by phone at (425) 453-6344 to schedule an appointment.

Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior (or "Sex Addiction") is NOT...

  • a frequent desire to have sex
  • an issue of morality, personal values or ethics
  • an indication that your relationship is over
  • the same as hating the fact that you’re a man who has sex with other men
  • the same as sexual offending or pedophilia

Your sexual behavior is not necessarily out of control if you...

  • have a high frequency of sexual activity
  • have a high number of romantic or sexual partners
  • have anonymous or casual sex
  • have sex outside of your primary relationship or marriage
  • have an open or polyamorous relationship that involves multiple partners
  • have sex while engaging in recreational drug use
  • have fetishes (e.g. obsession with feet) or unconventional turn-ons
  • enjoy the pairing of solo sex (masturbation) and the viewing of sexual imagery (pornography)

Out-of-control sexual behavior can include (but is not limited to)...

  • an inability to stop engaging in solo sex or viewing sexual imagery
  • a pattern of solo sex (masturbation) that puts you at an unacceptable level of risk to your physical health, relationship, family or career
  • anonymous sex that puts you at an unacceptable level of risk (e.g. physically, legally, relationally)
  • a pattern of not keeping your marital or relationship agreements, such as not having sex outside of your relationship
  • spending more than 11 hours per week viewing sexual imagery


 Marc Gilmartin, MA
 Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certified Sex Therapist
 Certified Group Psychotherapist
 1800 116th Avenue NE, Suite 104
 Bellevue, WA 98004
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